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A/B Testing and Feature Flags

Ship faster taking data-driven decisions with a set of libraries focused on performance for free

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Outer space

Ship faster feeling safer

Release new features that are still under development and after being finished safely test them while rapidly collecting valuable user feedback


Take the best decision

Test conversion rates for changes in your application and meseaure them to always know which one generates more conversions over time



Since performance plays a major role in the success of any app Tesfy is focused to provide the best


Compare between two or more variations of a change to know which performs better

Feature Flags

Deploy changes under flags and open them progressivily. If something goes wrong just turn the flag off


For both experiments and feature flags target a specific group of users based on conditions that you specify

Sticky Bucketing

Ensure a user always sees the same experiment or feature even though traffic allocation and atributtes change


The usage of these libraries is totally free and could be customized as you want to fit your needs

Released under the MIT License. Copyright © 2020 Tesfy.

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